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St Patrick’s Day Milkshake!

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Bringing to you a frozen boujie treat this St Patrick’s Day! Who doesn’t love a milkshake and when Baileys, whiskey and white chocolate liqueur is added, it’s divine!

We made mint syrup for the chocolate sauce and drink itself. However, this step and ingredient is optional and can be swapped out by using mint chocolate chip ice cream instead of vanilla.

Mint Syrup

1 Cup of Sugar

1 Cup of Water

1 Cup of Mint Leaves

Boil sugar and water together until sugar is dissolved. Add mint leaves into the sugar water and let boil for 5 minutes, while stirring constantly.

Pour mixture into blender, bend on high for 5 minutes.

Let cool.

Makes two 10oz drinks

1oz Whiskey

1oz Baileys

1oz White Chocolate liqueur

1oz Mint Syrup (optional)

4 Large Scoops Ice Cream (vanilla or mint chocolate chip)

Milk if needed for constancy

Blend until smooth

Chocolate Sauce

You can add 1oz of the mint syrup to 5oz chocolate Ganache

Drizzled on outside of rocks glass (freeze for 5 minutes)

You can also use Hersey Chocolate Syrup for a mint free option.

Pour milkshake into chocolate drizzled glass.

Cheers and enjoy!

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