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About G Catering

G Catering is an off-premise premiere catering company located in Nashville, TN. Whether it's a professional engagement, a celebratory personal affair, or a corporate event of any kind, no two events will ever be the same! 

We believe in collective collaboration to insure we understand the occasion itself and your desired vision. We have an imaginative and experienced staff all looking to share new, fresh ideas!

We will assist event planners, corporate executives, couples, and family members with planning menus and executing events ranging from small intimate gatherings, to large celebrations of 10,000 guests or more!​

Gracious Service + Creative Cuisine. Let us help make your event spectacular!

Guy Haskins | Owner


Laura Feiberg

“Excellent Caterer! G Catering did our holiday party after the venue recommended them. Their food and service exceeded my very high expectations. The entire staff was extremely helpful, both in advance and on the day of the event. They booked this entire party with 2 weeks notice and were never pushy or frazzled by the tight deadline (which says a lot about a party for 200 people). I will definitely use them again.”

Maple Ridge Events

"Working with G catering was such a breeze! From the planning process to execution, I felt like once I shared my vision with them for the menu, they took the idea and made it happen! They’re chef’s menu ideas truly captured the theme we had for our client’s event and our guests raved about the food.” 

Ben Wagner, Groom

“We used G Catering for our wedding in November and the food and service was absolutely incredible!!! The entire experience of working with them through Randi Events was flawless and honestly the food was probably the #1 thing our guests talked about all night! They take their catering to the next level and truly set the bar for what wedding food should be! We were so happy with using them and cannot recommend enough!!”

NFocus Magazine

"G Catering always has fresh, creative ideas when it comes to food.”

Studio Bank

“I am literally sitting at my desk eating a cupcake right now.  It is amazing along with the many other food items from G Catering.  Seriously, I don’t know how you guys manage to put out the most AMAZING food each and every time. The food is inventive, beautiful, and delicious and you are always a pleasure to work with. Please send my thanks to the chefs.  Studio Bank absolutely loves working with you and we look forward to continuing to work with you.”

Tara Mason, Bride

“I knew the moment we started planning our out-of-state wedding that finding a catering company that matched our needs was going to be a TALL order. My husband is a professional chef in NYC and I work at a national food magazine. We wanted food to be core to our celebration. On top of the typical reception fare, we also wanted to find a chef who would be open to recreating hors d'oeuvres recipes from our closest friends who are chefs across the country. Oh, and we also wanted to execute a full recipe shoot so we could give away a printed recipe booklet as a parting gift for our guests... High maintenance doesn't even begin to cover it. G Catering not only met every expectation, they absolutely exceeded it. Kelly caught every curve ball with grace and the Executive Chef brought his immense talent, seasoned chops and wealth of creative ideas to the table. Our guests are still talking about the food 5 months later. I honestly couldn't imagine using anyone else. They were beyond accommodating and served the best wedding food I've ever had the pleasure of eating. I hear so many brides who lament that they didn't get to eat on their wedding day because they were too busy chatting with guests. I made a point of sitting and savoring. It was just that good.”

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