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How to Throw a Social Distancing Home Cocktail Party

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Many of us still want to socialize with good friends and family members.

Of late, that has been more challenging on many different levels. A gathering in your home is certainly a great way to have the control that you need and still have the social life we all crave. But... organizing everything can also be a challenge. We are here to help kick start your planning with a few tips, as well as let you in on an original G Catering Cocktail recipe.

Things you will need to keep you and your guests safer during this time

Hand Sanitizer – Keep a couple of bottles around the house for an easy way to keep your hands clean.

Gloves – disposable gloves are becoming a must-have during these trying times! Keep them by the bar, in the kitchen and outside, for anyone who is making themselves a drink or plate of food.

Disposable Monogrammed Guest Towels – Monogrammed or not, these are perfect for the bathroom. Stash your cotton hand towels and replace them with one-time use alternatives.

Blankets - put out blankets in your backyard or have your guests bring their own! Place them in your backyard to help with social distancing.

See the original article as posted in Belle Meade Living in August 2020

DIY Signature Cocktail: Strawberry Gin-Demic

Hire a bartender or make it yourself! This summery concoction is perfect for your at-home affair. Serve it in upscale disposable glassware so you don’t have to worry about sanitizing your own glassware at the end of the night.


2 Strawberries, Muddled

½ oz Basil Simple Syrup

½ oz Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice

½ oz Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice

½ oz Pasteurized Egg White

1 ½ oz Gin

1 ½ oz French Ginger Liquor

Cut up your 2 strawberries and place them in your shaker. Muddle them, and then add your basil simple syrup. Muddle once more. Add your lemon juice, lime juice, egg white, gin and ginger liquor. Add 5 ice cubes and shake well. Fill a glass with 1 round Ice Ball or a few ice cubes. Pour cocktail over. Add Lemon and lime wheel for garnish. Enjoy!

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