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Here at G Catering, we acknowledge the impact that the COVID-19 virus has had on all aspects of life and, in particular, our ability to gather for special occasions. It is important for all of us to keep aware of current conditions and to do our part to fight the impact of the virus on all of us as a community. G Catering is committed to keeping our employees and families safe and protecting our clients and guests from possible negative outcomes.


In keeping with the mandates and recommendations of both the CDC and local officials, we stand by the CDC Guidelines. As a resident business of Davidson County, we recognize the Davidson County Executive Orders as well. We are keeping up with the latest recommendations and mandates as put forth by both agencies and encourage our clients to refer to these websites for current updates. It may be necessary to postpone dates or move services depending on current conditions. We will work with clients on a case-by-case basis to determine the possibility of alternate dates and acknowledge deposits made if any.


As a small business within Davidson County, TN, G Catering is licensed and monitored by the Davidson County Health Department. We are regularly inspected according to county regulations and consistently receive 100’s on our semi-annual inspections. Those regulations mandate that we meet already strict health practices. Along with maintaining our normal high health standards, G Catering has implemented the following since COVID-19:


  • All employees temperatures are checked daily before starting a shift. 

  • Masks are worn at all times during production. 

  • Gloves are worn at all times during production (this has always been a standard). 

  • Extra sanitation of surfaces has been added to our normal high standard of sanitation to help minimize the possibility of infections.

In addition to following current guidelines as mentioned above, G Catering has implemented new service standards while on-site for events:

  • All subcontracted service staff members have temperature checks when signing in for shifts. Anyone with a temperature is sent home immediately.

  • All service staff members, G Catering staff or others subcontracted wear face masks at all times during the event.

  • All staff wear gloves at all times.

  • Buffets are now served by service personnel to help protect from cross-contamination that could occur from guests handling the same utensils.

  • We encourage plated service when and where possible.

  • We work closely with venue partners to implement best practice standards and to work with the recommendation and mandates that pertain to their location.


We ask that guests at events take precautions and monitor their health in consideration to others following guidelines and mandates where applicable.

Our Response to COVID-19

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